How the HYDRA system works.

1. How does it work?

The idea is simple: You help someone by visiting his project and that person helps you in return.

You list your links that you want other members to visit and then view the list of other members links. You click on members links and for every link that you click you are awarded one credit. When another members clicks on one of your links, one credit is deducted from your account.

For the system to work there are a few rules governing which links appear on the list of available links:

  1. Only those links whose owners have at least one credit, are displayed on the list. You must have credit to be included in the list.
  2. The position of links on the list is arranged from the largest number of credits down to the least. It is therefore advantageous for you to have a large number of credits so that your links appear at the top of the list because it is more likely that other members will start clicking from the top down.
  3. The page of links shows the 35 links that have the most credits.
  4. It is the list of links that you DID NOT visit today. You can click on a link only once per day in accordance with the following internet practice.
  5. The system works based on your unique IP address. So, when you change that number (because for example a new IP is dynamically allocated each time you logon) then you can click again on others links and will receive even more credits. This is determined by the fact that most projects which are based on recommendations, such as MyMiniCity, check only your IP and not your computer's unique ID. You can check Your IP number at the bottom of the screen. If you are able to change your IP by logging off and on again then congratulations; you have even more possibilities of promoting your link.

To sum up: The more you click the more clicks you receive.The clicks that you receive are always unique and valid.

2. How do I start?

After creating your account you have the facility to enter up to six of your own links in the boxes on the "PROFILE" page. Bear in mind the Terms & Conditions forbidding links to pornographic sites or sites with illegal content. Any breach of these rules will result in the immediate suspension and possible deletion of such account. All that remains is to select one active link and you may then take full advantage of the HYDRA exchange system.

Select "LINKS EXCHANGE" from the menu and you will see a list of other members links. Just start clicking and for each click you will receive one credit. EASY!. When you have credits your link will become visible to everyone else and they, in return, will click on your links as many times as the number of credits which you have in your account. It's a mutual and reciprocal system where everyone wins. The more you give, the more you receive.

3. Can I have more than one account?

It is forbidden by the Regulations but no one will punish you for having more than one because it isn't necessary. Remember that the system works on Your IP address not on an account name or ID.

Different IP address is a new list in the LINKS EXCHANGE and a valid "click" on the links. So who needs a second account?

4. What are credits and how do I gain/loose them?

The credits are your investment. As long as you have credits your link is visible to other users and you will receive clicks from them on your selected "Active" link.

Initially you are awarded 5 credits to get you started. Then you have to earn them by clicking for other members. You may also receive additional credits to bump your links up the list, by donating to HYDRA.

One credit is deducted from your account each time a member clicks on your link.

5. The list of links is incomplete!

The list is generated individually for every user. The HYDRA link exchange system hides from you those links that you have already clicked today. This is to avoid having you click the same link twice and generating a "Void" click. The system checks Your IP address and if a click has already been executed that link will be hidden from you.

6. What is an IP?

It is the address of your computer on the internet. IP means "Internet Protocol" address. A unique IP address is designated to every Internet user by their ISP. (Internet Service Provider) and consists of four numbers, for example: "". Think of it as your "Country.Town.Street.House" address.

7. How can I check my IP address.

Here is your IP address: and it is displayed at the foot of every page of your account.

8. When can I visit a link again?

The exchange list takes care of that You will not be allowed to visit the same link more than once per day from the same IP. On your "HISTORY" page you can see all the links which you have clicked during the past 24Hrs.

Unless Your IP changed since your previous visit. The HYDRA exchange system always checks who you can visit and displays your personal updated list.

9. The Automated "Visitor"

The "Visitor" is an intelligent script that automatically visits links from the Links Exchange.

All you need to do is set the number of windows to be opened simultaneously and how many seconds the system will wait between opening new links. Acceptance (Launch automat) will start the visitation process. Depending on the number of links to be visited it will take a while to complete the process but it sets you free to go and make a cup of coffee while your computer does the work!.

There is a maximum of 5 windows, and the minimal refresh time is 10 seconds. The script will check how many links it should visit according to the Links Exchange list and users visit list. You can upgrade it in "Upgrades" section.

The Automatic Visitor has another interesting ability. It recognises MiniCity and MiniVille requirements and donates your click to the category that most needs it.

  1. If the target city lacks industry - it will increase industry (/ind).
  2. If it lacks security - it will hire some policemen (/sec).
  3. Deficiencies in the transport network - it will build roads (/tra).
  4. Poor environmental conditions - it will build parks (/env).
  5. And if all is well it will simply add a citizen to the population


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